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Our remote fishing and hunting cabin Smakaträsk is located at the name giving lake Smakaträk.

There is no electricity, no running water, nothing that distracts you from fishing. Its just you, your boat and a lot of beautiful Char.


The location: 

The cabin is located 30km from our campsite and about 3,5km from the nearest parking. So prepare for a little wilderness hike before you get to the oasis. 

The cabin:

The cabin is equipped with 4 beds and a wood stove. There's not really much more you need for a few remote fishing days. There are two boats right outside the cabin you can hire.

The fish:

At Smakaträsket have we catched big and beautiful trout with up to 3,7kg. But there aren't just trout. You can catch big char as well. We have had char up till 2,9kg. C&R on Char

Fishing rules:

1. Trout max 5 hg and 2 fish per person / day

2.All trout over 5 hg must be released

3. All chars must be released regardless of size C&R

4. After 1st September  is fishing not allowed until the lake is frozen completely 


If you want a guided tour contact the campsite

The Cabin


The fish


The location

The Area


The little creek are spawning ground for the trouts. Please don't fish there!

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