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In the Sorsele municipality you have very good and varied fishing opportunities.

Vindelälven, Juktån, Laisälven and Gargån are the larger rivers that flow through the Sorsele community.

Great Lakes: Överst Juktan, Fjosoken

Stor Juktan, Storvindeln, Sandsjön, Smakaträsk

offer the possibility, for example, to start with good results.

Smaller lakes that are here in large numbers offer a good opportunities.

In Vindelälven there are good opportunities to catch salmon.

You can catch trout, char, harr, whitefish, perch and pike in these waters

We sell and broker fishing licenses, give tips and information to help you get the best fishing experience.

Perch Fishing in North Sweden

Perch Fishing in Sweden can be done all year round. If your goal is catching many perch, fall (beginning of September to end of November) is an excellent choice. If you are looking to catch a really big perch, then spring (beginning of May until mid June) just before spawning is the time to go. Throughout summer Perch Fishing in Sweden is not bad either and you can usually catch many, but the average size is much smaller than in fall. If you are looking for big perch, book one of our guided perch fishing tours and we will hook you up


Pike Fishing in North Sweden

North Sweden offers various opportunities for pike fishing: from smaller, shallow and turbid lakes to huge, deep and very clear lakes. Fishing methods vary depending on the type of lake and range from spin- and jerkbait- fishing to trolling. The best period for pike fishing in Lapland begins in mid September and continuous throughout winter when we go ice fishing.

The pre-spawning pike fishing in open water in early spring is usually difficult, but also very rewarding as the weight of the pike peaks during this period. A few weeks after spawning in May, the pike start feeding aggressively and are easy to catch until the water hits summer temperatures in June.